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Taking trout through the entire process

Our farm raised trout are nurtured from start to finish. Trout are available from small sizes of 1-2" all the way up to 24". Call today to find out more about delivery prices.

Brown trout can be found just about anywhere, and are known to grow to large sizes. They have a spotting pattern of black and red-orange spots, and are known to have a high tolerance for warmer waters.

Typically, rainbow trout exhibit black spots with a light body and a red stripe that runs along the side of the fish. Rainbow trout have a diet of crayfish and plankton along with some insects.

The fins are often orange, with black and white mixed in. The body is dark with white and red spots. Brook trout have an olive-green or dark brown color on its back that becomes lighter on the belly.

Brown Trout

Brook Trout

Rainbow Trout

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They exhibit a deep yellow or orange color. Golden Rainbow Trout have pink or reddish tones on their fins and have a reddish stripe along their body.

Golden Rainbow Trout